Camp Good News is a Muggle Campground located on the intersection of Campground Road and Hanes Corner Road.

The motto of the camp is Three Cheers For Camp Good News.


Prehistory (A.D. 1800 - 1957)

We are unknown what happened during this time, but some stories say that this used to be some type of Indian camp.

The Great Fire of 1957

Somepoint in AD 1957, a huge fire struck the camp and burnt down almost the entire camp, due to a dark wizard (name unknown) used magic to cause the fire. Wilhelmina Tuft, then Minister of Magic sent the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee to the camp stating a lightning struck the campground.

Because the damage is so severe, everything is rebuilt from the ground up and many trees were cut down, and is then charmed by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to prevent dark wizards from entering the grounds. For extra security, the Ministry set the Caterwauling Charm on the grounds to detect what would be later Death Eaters, and even Lord Voldemort himself.


During this time, Camp Good News used to be called Camp Circle L. What we do know that there used to be five boys and girls cabins (the longhouses) on either end of the campground. Over the years, one cabin on each longhouse has been added (Seminole on the Boys, Shawnee[1] on the Girls) and then eventually adding two more cabins per gender, known as the log cabins. On the boys side, the tribes are Dakota and Penobscot. However, on the girls side, the tribes are the Hopi and the Pennacook Tribes. We are unknown how the Kickapoo Tribe was added. In the late 1990s, Child Evangelism Fellowship took over this campground, now called Camp Good News, and added the headquarters to CEF, now at 431 Campground Road. This is where the dining hall is today. The old dining hall (before CEF took over) is now the craft house.


The Ministry of Magic's new department, Department of Religion offers rides from Washington DC's Union Station, Grand Station in New York and Kings Cross Station in London through hidden platforms to get to the grounds, where the Camp Station is located across the street from Pike's Corner Oasis.

Meanwhile, the Department of Magical Transportation also hooked the camp on the Floo Network, where you can access the camp through the Dining Hall (there is a floo-regulated fireplace there).

Some point between Late 2014 and Early 2016, the boys bathroom building was remade from the ground up to hold more campers, and added two guest bathrooms and two storage closets for cleaning supplies and emgergencies.

  1. or possibly Delaware, but unknown