Definition of CYIA

CYIA is short for a program called Christian Youth In Action.

What Is CYIA?

Christian Youth in Action run by the system of Child Evangelism Fellowship. Places like Camp Good News Maine sponsor the program for that camp. CEF runs the system altogether.

This program offers classes to train students to share the gospel of Jesus to the community, and possibly through school and other places. This is a 10 day session for ages 14 and up.


Cedric takes a trip to the CYIA 2017, shortly after the Graduation Remembrance Event (June 15, 2017). He then goes home and exposes Wormwood his Bible that he got while he was there (assume for free, at no cost). Then Cedric official goes, and chaos arrives at the castle. A five-night long enchanted feast, with the final night be sexually going wrong. Ms. Nettle is going to cum on Sofia, but she runs away.