The Decree for the Unreasonable Restriction of Underage Relationships (Not to be confused with the International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy or the Decree of the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery) is a bylaw of the Ministry of Magic, enforced in 2015, which bans parents from restraining and/or preventing one from having, being near and/or communicating with his/her significant other (girlfriend/boyfriend), which is one of the most common laws being violated, as parents either don't know about it or they just deliberately do it. The Ministry of Magic marks it as emotional abuse in 2018 after they got very heated with a single mother, identified as Lilly Black, who unintentionally, but deliberately emotionally abused her daughter.

Known breaches

Offender Crime Date Action taken Notes
Christopher Lewis's Parents Prevented their son from attending school dances, which resulted in the events at October 19th, 2015 Btwn. Jan. 2015 - Jun. 2015 Arrested, Held Trial, Taken to Gulag 38B This breach caused a series of tragic events and terror attacks within the Wizarding World, resulted in the enforcement of the International Statue of Relationship Secrecy, a branch of the International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy.
Unidentified Couple Prevented her daughter from having a boyfriend 13 June 2017 Questioned by Ministry, life sentence in Azkaban. The system at the Ministry isn't that advanced at the time, and no hearing was set despite their child being half-blood.
Lucius Malfoy Prevented Jason Malfoy from continuing to "illegally" date Christopher's Crush 5 November 2018 Question, but then Pardoned Lucius is pardoned by the Ministry after this breach is considered a reasonable restriction due to new laws being passed.
Lilly Black Prevented her daughter, Alison Black from being near her "significant other", and made false claims to the Ministry of Magic, and made death threats against Christopher Lewis. 23 Sept & 11 Nov. 2018 Held in Ministry Hearing, later sentenced to two months in Azkaban, but later escaped After the sentence is enforced, the Ministry flagged the breach of this law as emotional abuse of a minor, caused a worsening of the symptoms in Christopher's lovesickness, now Simplex IV.

After this breach, all other future breaches will be taken very seriously like terrorist threats.