Just as promised, I have pushed out an update today! I'll call this the Update Aquatic!

New Features


  • Kelp and Sea Grass has changed
  • Prismarine Blocks changed!
  • The water texture looks different than ever before!
  • Dead Coral Blocks now retain their color
  • Doors and Trapdoors follow the Spruce Counterpart
  • Some rails are getting a modification
  • Jigsaw Block Texture Changed
  • Scaffolding Block Gets Some Change
  • TNT Block is now Blue
  • Bookshelves have different books based on the facing of the books
  • Changed Glass Textures to Hard Glass in courtesy of the Education Edition
  • Changed Lantern Texture
  • Added New Lily of the Valleys
  • Changed Torch
  • Changed the texture of the Blast Furnace


  • Creepers are now green again
  • Default player skins are now Logdotzip (doesn't apply if a player has a custom skin on)
  • Villagers now have their own skin dependent on the biome they are in
  • New Witch Texture!


  • Lightened some cooked meat textures
  • Changed the Raw and Cooked Cod Textures


  • Some paintings have been changed
    • Includes some Harry Potter meme containing "Bloody Hell!"
    • Some video covers and logos have been ported.

Main Menu

  • Panorama now is the Better Together look on Bedrock Edition

Language Files

  • Removed some French Text
  • Removed Nuclear Bomb
  • Glass is now called Hard Glass (from the Education Edition)
  • Lily of the Valley is named by color
  • Torch is now called Blue Torch


  • Smoker has a new UI
  • Blast Furnace has the same UI as the Furnace

Bug Fixes

  • Villagers don't have the correct skin (18w50a+)
  • Zombie Villagers don't have the correct skin (18w50a+)