DieselDorky16 and related products are currently under investigation after an alleged report of impersonation has circulated. The owner announces that "I do not have an Instagram account under any conditions, for family reasons." If you have any leads to this case, please contact me directly at


DieselDorky16 News

DieselDorky16 News is a fictional wizarding news site where no pay is done, which is a true, fact-check (will come later), and trending now updates. Comes with local weather alerts in the US, and more. Not all information on alerts is 100% accurate. You can find articles through video and on a written-up site. To visit this site, click here.

[Sheet Music] DieselDorky16

This new YouTube Channel is specifically for videos on Sheet Music/Black MIDI videos. The reason why it's separate is because in the event of a copyright strike on MIDI videos, the main channel will not be affected. You can visit this channel here.


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DieselDorky16 Trailer (December 2018)

DieselDorky16 Trailer (December 2018)

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