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DieselDorky Bloopers Series is the second longest series with 45 episodes behind Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy, which has 71 episodes. It is the longest-running series ever with over six months.

Behind The Scenes

Check out our page for the Behind The Scenes here.

Series Status Update

We will now recontinue the series, since the matinence is over.

Series Description

DieselDorky Bloopers (formerly Veggie64 Bloopers) is a series of YouTube Poops (often mashups and colored-bar cutscenes) that are remixed videos, often to entertain but partially, but not intended to annoy or criticize viewers. Like the original Super Mario 64 Bloopers in SMG4, DieselDorky Bloopers are mostly focused on Sofia the First (rarely VeggieTales or other main sources) as the main show, but often times, memes will be added along with sound effects.

This series also includes collections of Dank Meme Vines, but is now in its own series later on.

First aired on YouTube on November 5, 2017, this is the first video to ever show a Peppa Pig-related YouTube Poop. The first episode is called Peppa Goes to an Office Where Workers Play Super Mario Galaxy, This is Season 1 Episode 1 today, and was at first not part of the series. This was added in November, about nearly a month later, as it was about to be discontinued, but was saved.

Advertising and Copyright Limitations and/or Restrictions

Because of content ID claims, The episodes may have ads running on them or blocked in some countries. If a video is taken down, a download of the video will be available. Permission is required, due to legal issues. Requests can be sent through this form here.

Advertising Restrictions

  • Ads will appear on episodes

Copyright Restrictions

  • Videos Viewable Worldwide (mostly, must be viewable in English Speaking Countries, or it will be cancelled.)
  • Videos Viewable Across All Devices

Episodes in the Series

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These episodes are formatted in a table below, to be organized to keep things neat and in order instead of the outline format.