Background Information

Dank Memes, not like the short ones like June 15, is a vine compilation of different vine clips.


  1. A gorilla (possible Harambe) sits on a rock outside and then does the hail Hitler.
  2. A guy says "Roses are blue, Violets are red", then Donkey Kong appears.
  3. A bunch of seals skidding across the floor as the Dat Boi (O Shit Waddup) song plays.
  4. With no connection to the YTP video of LarryMan and the Cursing Wii-U (Season 1 Episode 7), LarryBoy finds himself landing in Hiroshima, Japan. Which connects to the 1945 bombings.
  5. A remixed song of the Kahoot themes
  6. Little Boi Goes to Mexico
  7. Peppa Pig types in the word "Porn", but the computer crashes, leaving Peppa use the word "Fuck".
  8. The dog goes crazy after obtaining the rainbow star.
  9. Thomas the Train gets pushed by other cars behind him (the toys)
  10. Counting the Jumps in Peppa's Playgroup. A random guy off screen asks How many n**gers are in the room. Without thinking twice, the class says one.
  11. Everyone goes to success, but one walks the Dank Memes way.