The ministry has received intelligence that you sucked a muggle's cock.
~ Mafalda Hopkirk, in the form of a letter by the Ministry


Harry, at a visit with the Dursleys, unexpectedly had Marge protect from Vernon, but is still sometimes a bit rude. Marge then floats away from 4 Pivet Drive. Days later, Sunday is around, whre post is not arrived on sundays, but still got heated when a letter arrives.

It just gets progressively worse. Ron has Cock and Penis, which his older brother, George Weasley, twin to Fred Weasley also had a penis. In the deleted scene, Hermione is looking for a dildo, which she has lost one.

Later on, Dobby breaks in and shows the Dursleys a Phil Swift Commercial, which is on the lines of sex tape, and how he just sawn someones boner in half.

Hagrid enters a wooden house in the middle of the night, but then gets shot by Vernon Dursley.

Shortly after, Argus Filch meth Harry and raped him. After leaving the library that night, after Filch reports to both Snape and Quirrell that a student was out of bed, Snape raped Quirrell.

With righteous anger over Hagrid’s death by a bullet wound, Harry summoned dementors to rape Dudley as Harry rapes him as well. Minutes later, Harry got expelled from Hogwarts for commiting rape against a muggle, by sucking a muggle’s cock.