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Harry Thothead and the SuS Joke Event Horizon is a five-minute YouTube Poop of Harry being a "thothead".


In the beginning of the episode, Ronald Weasley got a howler (which is referred to as God by Seamus Finnigan), and which he opens the letter, and gets yelled at by his mother for "stealing that cock".

The next night, Harry gets a howler from the Ministry stating that he performed a blowjob on a muggle, proceeding to call him a rapist.

Ronald Weasley, along with Harry and Hermione are out in the Forest of Dean the Next Morning. Ron brings up snapchat, triggering both Harry and Hermione with the past events. Harry replies "Oh shit!" Hermione gets triggered in the act.

That night, Harry had a dream (more of a nightmare) that an old man (presumably a muggle caretaker) was walking up the stairs in the Riddle House. Suddenly, he is met by two screamers, killing him while the teapot kept brewing, making a really annoying sound, but it turns out to be Hermione holding the boiling water, waking him up.

In the Wizgazemont, Igor Kakaroff is passing out information about death eaters. Barty Crouch Sr., the interrogator is being completely nonessential about the defendant, and attempts to send him back to Azkaban, but Igor is not done yet. Then he proceeds to bring up the incident of the torture of Frank and Alice Longbottom, pinning it on Barty Crouch.

The police then snatch Barty Crouch Jr, proceeding to bring him up to the Interrogator, saying hello to Barty Crouch Sr. He then replies that "you are no sus of mine". Crouch screams as police proceed to arrest him, throwing him in Azkaban.