From the concept of the Grad Dance, this is a countdown meme to the 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony in the year of 2017.

Mythical Origin

To avoid using realistic names, for privacy protection, this origin is taking ideas from Harry Potter series, making it a fanfiction. Names of Wars may be fictional as well, along with any storm names.
At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry near Portland, ME, students, residents of the area prepare as Hurricane Voldemort arrives, taking the damages of any place in its path.

At approximately 12:35 PM, I went up, letting people know I am going to the Graduation Dace, and I was in succession. My ex-girlfriend asked me if we could rehearse, but Draco Malfoy was in the area, and I wanted to wait until tonight for safety purposes.

The Weather Channel, suddenly founded a change in the storm system, as it was pushed across the United States, turning it into a Winter Storm Voldemort. Randomly changing directions, the storm is coming from the west instead of south.

Later that night, a slow dance occurred, at approximately 8:41 PM.

Then, the final battle brought the impeachment of Voldemort from the Death Eaters and captured alive by Mako Island, as they escaped to London, Voldemort spent several months in Azkaban, which ended World War III.


This event caused some indirect events:

The following events caused by this incident:

  • Lord Voldemort's First Defeat (2017)
  • International Speeches
  • The Battle of Greater London

The following laws and legal notices were made to the wizarding community as a result to the incidents:

  • The LGBTQ Act

The following Ministry related events took place:

  • Educational Decree No. 56, 59


History and Effects

Studies have shown back in August 2017 that this reconciliation has turned out to be temporary, and can only last one day at the very least. Although, things are not so well into what expectation was set, it was a lifesaver.


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