Content Warnings (NSFW/NSFK)

This video is not safe for work for the following instances:

  • This video contains a sentence spoken by Quincy that June sucks Leo's Cock, which is a sexually explicit line.
  • Later on in the video, Leo says "to... a big fat cock".
  • The word "penis" is mentioned several times in the video.
  • References to Adolf Hitler is played via audio with the phrase "nein nein nein!" The line is said by Annie when talking about planets. The kid reacts with "That's Racist!"


Rocket is having trouble falling asleep, and the team decided to go to Mars and finds the largest penis in the solar system. The theme song is called "Little Keemstars".

They go insane as they try to figure out the best sleeping trick.

  • Leo's trick is to play with his penis
  • June does a sleepy spin and says "Wii U"
  • Quincy watches June suck Leo's Cock.
  • Annie doesn't have one.


  • Leo
  • June
  • Annie
  • Quincy
  • Rocket
  • Mario
  • Luigi cameo
  • SMG4 cameo
  • That's Racist Kid
  • Eggman cameo
  • Robotnik cameo
  • Daniel Keem (Keemstar)