A branch of the Ministry where its original intentions to search and rescue captives of Death Eaters that were forced to disband in 1998. Then it became a British-American Organization. Founded by a Muggle-Born named Jackson B Hayes, a 1985 Hogwarts Graduate who was sorted into Gryffindor, and is against Voldemort and his army.


When it was first stationed in London, the costs are filed every week to the service paid by the ministry. When it was first founded by Jackson, the rate was £35 a week.

However, in 2013, the program was expanded to the United States (New England) and Albus Dumbledore, took the position when Jackson retired. He changed the weekly price for Britain Services to £96/week. Then, he set the US charge to $125/week.

Notable Exceptions In Payment

When somebody is held responsible for the missing of a person, especially very recently, the person who solely is accountable must pay a $125 fine, and it multiplies every week. In this case, it took 16 weeks for the search and the fine was $2000.