"I'm playing with Sousney! You need to eat ass!" - Peppa Pig


It all starts off with Peppa playing in her room with Susie Sheep. Peppa chooses to disrespect and hate George, by telling him to eat ass, followed by her yelling "Fuck You" to George. Mummy Pig's birthday (known as Day of Birth) is the next day.

Peppa, becomes a thug and takes Mummy Pig outside against her will, (with thug life, Peppa smokes weed.) and leaves her there to die, while Peppa runs away with George to jump in muddy puddles (apparently, the puddles are hot, due to the hot day). Weird and glitchy video edits (via. Adobe Photoshop CS5 v12.0) appear just in this scene.

A sudden error messes up the first storyline of this YouTube Poop, switching to another plot.

Peppa and her family (excluding Mummy Pig) go on a camping trip, and for the fire, Daddy Pig asks the little piggies to collect "dicks" for the fire.

At Playgroup, Peppa counts, and then a audio clip, with the question "How many n**gers are in my store?" All the kids say one.

At the Playground, a sudden flashback when Peppa says "Slaws-ayy", which makes reference to a past YouTube Poop video: The Case of Larry the Cuke and the Villainous Mr. Slaws-ayy (Season 1 Episode 3), back in November 2017, but only shows part of a copyright claim email found from YouTube. Sadly, The Strange Case of Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly does not appear in this video.

Peppa goes to Cousin Chloé's House (assuming that same episode that was remixed from November 2017, but not uploaded until January 2018), and runs into Belinda Bear and Simon Squirrel, but their surnames are flipped; making it Belinda Squirrel and Simon Bear. Sounds weird?

They then play a game called "Underage Magic". Apparently, there is no point to this game, since it is just violating the Decree of the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery[1]. These pigs, including their friends (Peppa, George, Chloé, Simon and Belinda) are not even 17 and over, which is when the trace breaks[2]. They ended up playing sex games.

It comes to the scene of Edmund's Birthday Party, where things get cancerous. Even when the kids don't get the medal, they cry, and when the kids don't get the teddy, then they act autistic and be happy.

Peppa and her class appear again, going to the Gym. Pedro is making sure that they kissed Pedro (sounds gay to 50% of the class). Grumpy Rabit forces the kids to do things adults do.

Mummy Pig goes to see the fire engine, where there's a fire and they smoke weed on the road to the home.

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