The October 19th, 2015 is a date reference to the self-conflict. Refer to the infobox for more information.

The following tragic events took place as a result of the incidents:

  • Tragedy at the Ravenclaw Tower
  • Terrorist Attacks in Paris (Indirectly)

The following laws and legal notices were made to the wizarding community as a result to the incidents:

  • Social Act (2015)
  • The Inquisitorial Investigation Act

The following Ministry related events took place:

  • Mass Arrest on Martin Luther King Day 2016

Usage History

For this use, sometimes, it's referenced to as the countdown of 10/17/15, 10/18/15, and to 10/19/15, where the images could get weird. In addition, it's also related to 4:20 for weed, 10/19/15 is a reference in remembrance (kept confidential by the Ministry of Magic).

Notable Uses

Death of the Meme

On November 12, 2018, Christopher worked with the ministry all day on a "tough decision" whether to breakup with his in-love or not. Unfortunately (to supporters), the decision was final that the breakup took place. October 19th Remembrance has been dropped from the 2019 Calendars the following day, and moving it to November 12th. But the meme itself is probably still going around, despite not being very popular anyways.