Background Information

Sofia the First, the newest princess of the kingdom of Echancia, also named after a children's TV Show sponsored by Disney Junior

She is known to be a protagonist of the original series and a girl of humble origins who lives with her mother Miranda. She becomes royalty after her mother's remarriage to King Roland II.

First Appearences

In Season 1 Episode 8 of DieselDorky Bloopers, followed by the previous episode, LarryMan and the Cursing Wii-U, the latest VeggieTales YTP, this is the first time Sofia the First is remixed into a YTP.

She first appears in Cedric's office, when her and Cedric are chatting about the feast.

"You want Miami? Come and get it!"
- Ms. Nettle (The Theif Who Tried to Steal Miami)


  • In the video The Theif Who Tried to Steal Miami, after Sofia magically arrested Ms. Nettle, Sofia came out wearing a wizard's costume that was shown in the original episode called Cedric's Apprentice.
  • In the next episode, Asdfmemes, she made her appearance after the bully says he is going to punch the other dude. As he said he is going to punch him in the (Cedric), as Sofia has said in the scene.