The Shewolf Pack was founded by Kimmy Gibbler in the Fuller House series. This was then adopted by Hogwarts Headmaster years later and is active today.

The Shewolf Pack then got adopted to Hogwarts by a few known teenage girls in their second-years at Hogwarts.


Unlike the werewolf army, which was led by a death eater Fenrir Greyback, the Shewolf Pack is founded by either members with one or two animaguses, which results in the Ministry's approval.

Unlike becoming a member by being bit by a wolf, you can register through the Ministry of Magic. Unlike the Werewolf Army, you must have some magical talent in his/her childhood to become a member, since the Ministry requires students to attend Hogwarts to become a member at the age of 12.

A squib can join, but must have learned how to deal magic beforehand.


  • Wolves can attack by charging up to the intended target and biting them.
  • Wolves are trained to quickly attack rapists in the vicinity.

Rights and Privilages

  • Unlike any witch or wizard, the members of the pack are permitted to cast "unforgivable" curses at battle.

Blood Status Requirements

Blood Status Acceptability Status Animagus Requirements Magical Education Requirements
Muggle Disqualified
Muggle Born Can Join the Pack Must go through registration,

or disqualification will


Squib Ministry Approval Undergo Magical Education
Half-Breed Ancestry Inspection Required


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